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Up-to-date info on Cambridge's Strawberry Fair from our official - NOT the voice of the Strawberry Fair correspondent.

    How to get to Strawberry Fair

    Strawberry Fair is held on Midsummer Common, Cambridge.

    Midsummer Common is close to the centre of Cambridge, and therefore benefits from those transport links. The railway station is some distance from the common and train users may benefit from using a bus, though it is perhaps a 20 minute walk.

    By Bus

    For more details please visit Bus routes and times from Cambridge County Council

    By Bicycle

    Cycle routes from Cambridge County Council

    By Car or Taxi

    Parking ? Forget it. Neither Strawberry Fair nor Cambridge is car friendly. If you’re coming from out of town use the park and ride and word to the wise – walk! The Saturday shoppers combined with the lack of festival vehicle access makes the roads around the fair (especially around midday) virtually inaccessible. Use park and ride and check your bus maps (links on this page) and jump off a few stops before what looks ideal on paper.



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    Strawberry Shorts Film Festival 2011

    Strawberry Shorts Film Festival will take place in the Acoustic Tent/Portland Arms Marquee (see the official Strawberry Fair site map, here: It's near where the blue and yellow Circus Tent was (that used to host the Film Fest), opposite Brunswick Terrace near the Maids Causeway entrance to Midsummer Common. The audience won't be able to park on the Common, so please park nearby or come by bus and walk on to the site.

    Doors open at 6 pm. On arrival, you will be given a voting slip and a pen (or bring one yourself just in case), so you can vote for the audience awards. To be able to do this, you must arrive by the start of the programme at 7 pm.

    The licenced bar will be open, and you will be able to order drinks in advance for the Intermission.

    The programme will be in two halves with an intermission in the middle. The film show will end at 11 pm, so the Jury and the Audience votes can be collected. The winners will be announced at 11.30 pm, and the Film Festival will close.

    Biggest year ever for Strawberry Shorts Film Festival

    Cambridge Cinema Shorts in partnership with Strawberry Fair are proud to announce that they will once again be running the Strawberry Shorts Film Festival, Cambridge's premier competitive short film festival, on Friday 3 June as the opening event for Strawberry Fair. The Film Festival will be held in the Portland Arms Marquee, on Midsummer Common. This can be found on the Brunswick Terrace part of the Common, near the entrance from Maids Causeway. Doors open at 6 pm, and the show starts promptly at 7pm.

    The Strawberry Shorts Film Festival is now in its tenth year and has grown into an internationally recognised event, this year attracting in excess of five hundred entries. This shows what a vibrant art form short movie making is, and it's been a mammoth task for our team of volunteer film enthusiasts who watch each and every one in an attempt to distill this huge pile of creativity into an evening's worth of entertainment.

    To give the evening an edge, the films are voted on, both by the audience and a jury of experts, and the winners announced at the end of the event at 11.30 pm. Audience members should arrive by 7 pm to be eligible to vote for the Audience Awards, and will be given voting slips.

    There will be four awards:

    • Best Local Film - Jury Award
    • Best Local Film - Audience Award
    • Best Overall Film - Jury Award
    • Best Overall Film - Audience Award

    A 'Local Film' is defined as one whose filmaker(s) live within 30 miles of Cambridge. The winners will receive the coveted 'Fraise d'Or. Please note that the programme is not suitable for young children, and the Film Festival is only open to adults and young people over the age of 15.

    The Portland Arms Marquee's licenced bar will be open for refreshments and will provide a convivial atmosphere for the Film Festival audience.

    The Outre Usherettes will be on hand to 'assist' the audience, and members of the public are strongly advised not to make eye contact with them, speak to them or in any other way draw attention upon themselves!

    For more information, also see:

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